Structural Removal of Honeybees

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Honeybee Keep™ is an insured structural remover of stinging insects.  We remove the insects alive to the best of our ability.  There will be some insects that die during this process.  We place honeybees in our hive equipment as quickly as possible and nurse them to health in preparation for winter.  Other insects, like yellowjackets and hornets, we release alive in a location where they will not be bothering humans.

For honeybees, this service starts at $400 which gets you the first 2 hours of labor which is frequently, but not always, enough time.  After that, it continues at $150 per hour.  We never bid a fixed price because we never know what we're getting into until we're in it.  Scheduling is generally within 2 weeks. 

Emergency calls may have an additional charge for rescheduling other apointments.

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