Slow Honey™, Local to Colorado, Raw, Unfiltered

Cutting off the wax cappingsFrames get loaded into the extractor.Honey comes out, into the strainer.

Honey from Colorado's FIRST Certified Naturally Grown apiaries. 

One-pint jars of Slow Honey™ ... Local Raw Unfiltered ... sell for $15 each

Half-pint jars of Slow Honey Limited™ sell for $12 each. This has what I call "premium taste."

Slow Comb™ sells for $1.25 per ounce. Every container is a unique size and shape of comb honey.

Honeybee Keep's 2013 amber honey won first prize at the Colorado State Beekeeper's Winter Conference.  We call our honey "Slow Honey."  It's a way of emphasizing the Slow movement of our age, a concept we believe in very strongly: small and local.  We buy locally whenever possible because circulating our money locally helps our neighbors.  If you choose to learn about Slow Money, you will see what we mean and what we practice.

Harvest is never guaranteed.  First, we must have enough honey to get the bees through Winter.  That's 60-90 pounds of honey for each colony.

Comb Honey  Slow Honey Limited  Slow Honey

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