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Denver Area Speaking

Many citizens are increasingly concerned about our honeybee population and, consequently, may be interested in learning more about honeybees and beekeeping. Don offers a slide presentation giving a glimpse into the beekeeper's world.  The slide presentation can be adjusted from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  This frequently leads to a lively question and answer time with the audience.  Don also offers a "show and tell" version which includes a variety of equipment to see, touch and smell.  If you would like Don to speak for your classroom, company, civic organization, club or neighborhood HOA, please call, 303-248-6677. 

Organizations that have featured Don as their speaker include:

  • Living Systems Institute, numerous Solstice and Equinox events
  • Hearteye Village Community Gathering,
  • Honey Festival at Denver Urban Homesteading Market,
  • Denver Botanical Gardens,
  • Boulder County Beekeepers Association,
  • Sherrelwood Elementary,
  • Grey Foxes Club,
  • Enterprise Grange,
  • Broomfield Public Library,
  • Brighton Beekeepers Association,
  • Argusfest,
  • To Bee or Not to Bee, Honeybee Jubilee,
  • Crescent Grange,
  • Regis University,
  • Cherry Creek Transition Post Grad,
  • Colorado State Beekeepers Association,
  • Natural Grocers, Golden

Broomfield LibraryThe fee is negotiated on a case by case basis.  In many cases, the organization requesting a speaker has an "honorarium" as compensation.  This may be adequate for certain not-for-profit organizations.  Keep in mind that there is always preparation and clean up chores, as well as travel for the speaker.  Please refer to the consulting services section if you want some added insight.

December 22, 2013, 9:34 AM

"My students continued talking about what they learned from you throughout the semester.  They were truly impressed by you and your work." ... Joan (Regis University, CO)


Out of Town Speaking

I am available to speak most anytime if I’m not scheduled already. Beekeeping is my full time focus, therefore I available even on weekdays, unlike many other speakers.

The question that comes up, of course, is what my fees are. There are things that we can do to reduce my costs and time and therefore the fee. For example, if you schedule something where I’m already in the area and I don’t have to spend a day traveling to get there and another traveling to get back, it saves me two days and it may save you the expense of paying my transportation. A day whether traveling or presenting costs me the same as far as my time.

Honey FestivalAs for room and board, I’m more than happy, and would actually usually prefer to stay with some beekeeper who doesn’t mind talking bees, and will feed me, rather than a hotel and restaurants. Part of my dilemma, of course, is that I don’t want to price my time so high that I miss something I could have otherwise done, but at the same time, it could cost me more than I make to speak, if I mess up my own schedule with my own bees. So my base price here is different based on the season. Also I am assuming that I will be allowed a table somewhere to sell my books (some written by me and some not).

As far as what I am available to do, I can do as many presentations as you like while I’m there (within reason of course). We will negotiate the topics covered before the trip.

So my fee per day (whether traveling or presenting) is:
March 15 through October 31: $500
November 1 through March 14: $250

As an example, a typical seminar might be two days traveling and one day presenting. That comes to 3 days. In beekeeping season that is $1500 total plus travel expenses (airline tickets, etc.). In the off season that is $750 total plus travel expenses.

Travel can be lowest air fare or IRS mileage (I prefer to drive if it's 500 miles or less so I can take boxes of books). You should probably plan on me flying out 24 hours in advance to minimize cancellation issues by airlines.

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