Honeybee Keep™ is a bit old fashioned.  You can't order over the web.  You have to call (303-248-6677) or email (

We sell:

Return policy:
Bees are in no way guaranteed and cannot be returned.  Your bees will be delivered healthy and ready for survival.  You will be invited to inspect them at that time.  However, this is live stock.  No one can guarantee their survival.  Once you take posession, they are yours to manage.  You keep them alive or you don't.

Honey may not be returned.  All sales are final.  Anyway, no one has ever wanted to return this award-winning honey.  It's food and we cannot resell it after it has been sold.

Wax is in no way guaranteed and cannot be returned.  It comes in imperfect pieces.  Further filtering is up to the consumer.

Return check policy:
Any check that bounces due to Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) will be pursued.  All NSF bank fees will be charged back to the customer.  Further, the customer will be charged

  1. $50 per hour fee for the Honeybee Keep(TM) labor involved in collecting and
  2. any attorney fees should an attorney be necessary.


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