Pollination Service, Urban or Agriculture

Pollination hive for Ngo family.For private party pollination services, we place hives on-site and they remain there year-round, for $200 / hive annually.  This fee varies annually. It's based on market price for almond pollination in California. The fee almond farmers are paying for about a month with the bees is what we charge for the whole year.  Clients enjoy the increased garden yield that honeybees produce and also get a portion of any honey (usually a quart, about 3 pounds) produced at their site; clients receive their honey packaged and ready to eat.  Honeybee Keep provides the hives, the bees and all honeybee management throughout the year, as well as the honey harvest and extraction tools and labor.  Farm and Community Garden pollination services must be negotiated on a case by case basis, however, we make our hives and management available free of charge in some not-for-profit cases, especially where community sufficient technologies are being employed.  Client referrals are available upon request.  This service requires a signed contract in advance.

Cottonwood Apiary in snowAnother twist on this service includes the idea of "sponsoring" a hive on a site of special concern to you.  For example, a couple living in Washington state sponsored a hive in Broomfield at their cost.  Reasons motivating this philanthropic decision vary greatly.  If you are of a mind to help a neighborhood with its pollination, or if you just want to help the honeybees, please contact us to discuss options.  Call Don at 303-248-6677.

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