For Apitherapy

Sting In ProgressSome people have found medicinal value in honeybee venom.  In fact, every hive product has medicinal value.  You can read more about apitherapy here.  Treating ailments like arthritis and fibromyalgia can be accomplished using a procedure called Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).  In an effort to help those who wish to practice BVT, we provide honeybees which can be used for intentional stinging.  Small jars of live females can be acquired with just a little advanced notice, usually less than a week.  The fee is $20 for the time spent collecting the bees.  The bees themselves and the container are free.

For Colorado Beekeepers (Nucs)

Honeybee SwarmAre you frustrated that you can only get bees from California, Texas or other remote places?  Me too.  Have you bought a queen and find she was bred from Hawaii or Georgia stock?  Me too.

I'm selling Colorado Bees for Colorado Beekeepers.  Every nuc sold must have proven genes that can survive in our place and in our time.  Colonies used for this MUST have come from a family line that has survived the most recent two winters right here on the front range.  How does this play out?  Let's say a colony survived winter of 2011/2012 and was healthy enough to throw a swarm.  That swarm represents genes that have survived at least one winter.  If the colony (the swarm captured) successfully lives through winter of 2012/2013 and is healthy enough to split spring of 2013, then they represent genes that have survived at least two winters.  The daughters of those 2013 splits can be sold as Colorado Bees for Colorado Beekeepers.  This two winter criteria will be met every year moving forward.  Am I guaranteeing that the honeybees sold will survive?  No.  This is agriculture.  No one can make that guarantee.  I am just increasing the odds of survival by starting with proven genes.

Supply will be limited, very limited.  We are a small operation.  If you want to reserve a nuc, please call well in advance.  In 2012, our eight 2013 nucs were all sold before 12/31/2012.  First come, first served.  Payment of $235 per nuc will be required in advance.

These will be 5-frame nucs with a healthy, laying queen verified.  Customer keeps the 5 frames, but returns the wooden nuc box.

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