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Teaching at the Honeybee Festival"Honeybee Keep™ beginning bee class was, easily, the best we have been to, we have attended a couple in the area in search of a bee teacher who is interested in a pre super industrial approach." ... Maire and Dave, from January, 2014.

Don is offering classroom training on a limited basis upon request.  This is generally offered only during the off season:  September through February.  However, exceptions can be arranged.  Don also offers a few classes each year which are part of the year-round mentor program

Scheduling a class generally requires a month of lead time.  Customized classes for specific topics can and have been done.  This requires additional lead time. 

If you want to arrange for a class for your club, civic organization or whatever, contact Don directly at 303-248-6677. 

Teaching at Denver Urban HomesteadingWhen Don initiates an unsolicited class, he generally uses the following venues.  We can set up your class in these venues should you desire.  It is highly recommended that you mapquest each address before setting out because these venues can be a challenge to find and GPS is not always accurate.

  1. Living Systems Institute Classroom at 16980 W 12th Ave in Golden
  2. Crescent Grange 136 at 7901 W. 120th Ave in Broomfield

Examples of classes already available are listed alphabetically below, to see a detailed description of the class, click on the title. 

Explore the Fascinating World of Beekeeping

Feeding Honeybees

Introduction to Beekeeping 

Peek at Beekeeping

Splitting Honeybee Colonies

What Honeybees Taught Me About Pesticides

Starting in March, I offer Mentor events at the apiaries and that will continue through October. November, I always teach making hard candy for honeybees.

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