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Don's FaceCNG LabelHoneybee Keep™ manages Colorado's FIRST Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) Apiaries and has been featured at CNG.

Honeybee Keep™ promotes and practices Slow Money because small and local business is best for our community. 

Thinking of becoming a beekeeper?  "... until you are standing alone in your bee suit in your backyard and open a hive to a swarm of mad bees, or start breaking comb and killing bees, or inspecting your hive and your smoker goes out….nothing you read about or was told in a classroom will help you. You need a mentor and you need experience."  Read the rest in Mentee Testimonial.

Don Studinski, dba Honeybee Keep(TM), is a principal permaculture enthusiast at Living Systems Institute (LSI) where he applies permaculture philosophy to beekeeping. Apiaries under Don's management are located from Golden to Aurora, and from Centennial to Fort Collins. Honeybee Keep(TM) manages Colorado's first Certified Naturally Grown apiaries. Don's beekeeping articles have been published in Bee Culture magazine and on-line at Honeybee Haven, Peak Prosperity, Kelly Beekeeping and Selene River Press.

As a beekeeping mentor, Don provides advice and counsel for students throughout the United States. Colorado Bees for Colorado Beekeepers is Don's "produce local bees" project which will provide nucleus colonies for sale. Learn more about beekeeping, read free articles and see all the products and services provided by Honeybee Keep™ right here at HoneybeeKeep.com.

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Sister website: Hive Magic™, LLC

April 2nd, 2019

Honeybee Keep™, LLC is our beekeeping business.  We have another sister skin cream business called HIve Magic™, LLC.

Find our skin cream business at Hive Magic link.

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First ever "Sale" of Slow Honey Pints

October 11th, 2018

Closed out

Slow Honey Pint

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Richmond Beekeepers Association uses Mentor In A Book

January 25th, 2016

Tim Monaghan, the current President of the Richmond Beekeepers Association wrote to me Jan 23, 2016 to request permission to use Beekeeping Mentor In A Book content in his newsletter.  RBA is a club of approximately 100 urban & commercial beekeepers residing in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

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